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Why study in Moldova

It is time to study in Moldova

Abroadu Education Center is the only program which offers full support to foreign students, who want to study at universities in Moldova. This outstanding support includes: tranalation of documents, preparation of application file, communication with universities, invitation letter and visa support, airport pick up, dormitory reservation, health insurance reservation, residence permit support, free phone card, and other mandatory services.

Advantages of Moldova

  • The priorities of the national higher education system of Moldova are in full compliance with Bologna values. In this regard, over the last years, several positive changes have taken place to integrate the country into the European Higher Education Area;
  • The studies are organized based on European transferable academic credits system (ECTS). ECTS system facilitates student mobility in the European Area and recognition of university diplomas;
  • Quality assurance bodies have been established within each higher educational institution in Moldova;
  • The accelerated positive changes in economic, cultural and social life of Moldova contribute to an increased demand of higher education by foreign students;
  • Affordable and high quality higher education makes Moldova a competitive destination for studies and living;
  • The Ministry of Education of Moldova has mutual higher education recognition with Turkey, Israel, and other countries.

At the level of higher education, the following types of degrees are delivered:

  • For first cycle studies: Bachelor (Licenţă), Diploma in Medicine/Pharmaceutics;
  • For the second cycle: Academic/Professional Master (Master).

Doctoral studies refer to post-university education and include the following degrees: PhD (Doctor), Doctor of Science (Doctor Habilitat).

Licensing, quality assurance and accreditation of institutions

Licenses for educational institutions are granted and withdrawn by the Licensing Board of the Ministry of Education. Any educational institution for which the license has been revoked may submit a new application for a license only three years after the date of the license withdrawal decision.

State and private educational institutions are subject to mandatory accreditation which includes two steps:

  • Licensing: granting the right to organize and conduct the educational process;
  • Accreditation: granting all rights as stipulated by the law.

Accreditation of a higher educational institution is requested after the first award of a given qualification degree. The basic criteria for accreditation of private educational institutions refer to the teaching staff, content of study programs and technical-material basis of the institution. According to the national requirement for accreditation, a higher education institution has to have at least 60 % full time employed staff.

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